Introducing Seeking Big Mountains & Old Friends

Slo Burn Media has been bringing you some of the latest news about true crime with our show Who Killed…? FOR OVER 3 YEARS and… 

This winter we are branching out with a new travel podcast, Seeking Big Mountains & Old Friends. 

As a former student of the University of Utah I will be searching for the buddies that I have let get lost in the sauce, that we call life.

 I will be detailing my journey from the Midwest to Colorado, Utah, Lake Tahoe, Jackson Hole and many more. Think Anthony Bourdain meets skiing and ski towns. I will talk to fellow skiers, bartenders, and the people who make these resorts run. 

I will be providing video updates as well as a companion podcast/blog that will allow people to follow along the adventure of a lifetime. 

You can find Seeking Big Mountains & Old Friends wherever you get your favorite podcasts starting December 28th, 2021. 

If you are looking for videos please check out My You Tube channel; Slo Burn Media Podcasts. 

I hope to see you on the mountain!

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