Dayton’s Christmas Spree Killing- 1992

December 30, 1992: The Associated Press DAYTON – “Misguided friendship, a bad childhood or peer pressure may have motivated four people charged in a killing spree that left five people dead. 

Thank you to the Dayton Daily News for their great reporting. They provided much of the material for this week’s episode.

It was more than a simple lust for killing that provoked the 40-hour shooting spree that also left three people injured, three mental health specialists said Tuesday. 

Two adults and two juveniles are charged with aggravated murder and robbery in connection with the shootings that began Thursday. 

The Dayton Daily News reported today that Marvallous M. Keene, 19; Heather N. Matthews, 20; DeMarcus Smith, 17; and Laura Taylor, 16, were part of a gang that called itself the Downtown Posse.”


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